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Tuesdays With Morrie October 31, 2008

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an old man,

a young man,

and a life’s greatest lesson.

After Five People You Meet in Heaven, here’s another piece I’ve gone through from Mitch Albom. A story that have touched so many hearts and lives of individuals. Morrie, an old man who suffered from a body-withering disease called  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), shared his views about the wonders of life while facing”death” fearlessly, is truly heart-warming and life-changing. The values it depicts are simply inspiring – from love, money, family and friends, emotion and forgiveness, and finally to death.

We always wish to live longer and richer, with that fear of leaving the life we live and the possessions we invested on earth. We are all afraid of death. I myself, is even more frightened, simply because I don’t want to leave the people with significance to me. I really hate saying-goodbye-moments for it sounds so depressing. Knowing Morrie is a lot of inspiration. I now have good thoughts on how I want to be remembered by people or simply a random list about the things that I am going to do during my few seconds on earth (Thanks Morrie!! 😀 hi3). “Knock on wood”, we might say, but it’s basically a reality that we shouldn’t be ashamed nor afraid of. And the best thing I couldn’t forget from him is acknowledging every day as our last day on earth thus living it up to the fullest as much as we could (a Buddhist philosophy). To top it all, one can only know how to live if they know how to die.

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