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welcome 2009! January 9, 2009

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It’s been a long long absence!! I’ve missed a post-Twilight movie post, my birthday post, and even the Holiday posts. The first two weeks of December was such a heck week for me. We hosted a very important activity in the department, and I was the one who took charge of the tasks that my partner left during her wedding vacation leave. I even became a medical secretary for a day in lieu of another sick colleague. These are some of the things that kept me on the go. I was also preoccupied with the holiday rush, the midnight sales, and the luscious food of my favorite season which explains my silence. (lol!! just kidding!) Anyway, I spent the other half of the month at home (I mean, the province). There I got busier helping mama’s little biz.

Christmas eve was such a great night. We shared our noche buena with my cousins and other neighboring relatives. Though the menu was limited to seafoods (grilled tuna belly and “buntot”) and some inato dishes and desserts, a videoke and a brandy plus loads of flavor-of-the-road-ice-cream, the dinner was overly fun!

I got my early new year surprise on the 3oth. It was when Paul suddenly came home unaanounced, with a kilo of California grapes and a “surprise” new year gift (haha, that was my favorite part). New Year’s eve was even more FUNtastic. We feasted on a whole large lechon, buko salad and other desserts shared to us by our kind-hearted neighbors. We also enjoyed the freshly picked mango fruits right from our own little homeyard. They were soooo sweeeet!!

I spent the remaining hours of 2008 watching tv and eating, while some of the boys had their “beer” session. We also had the traditionally practiced fruits offering. Thirteen (13) different kinds of round fruits, in which according to feng shui, symbolizes eternity and prosperity (who knows?!! :D). Everyone was busy when the clock ticked 12. Our town was filled with noisy firecrackers (it’s legal in our place), engines were turned on, text messages flooding in my inbox, pungent smell of firecracker powder, while I made myself so busy…eating!! (lols) It was that new year’s eve when I didn’t jump to the highest level (hahaha). I’ve got used to it, I felt tired, and still, I never gained a single inch for jumping for years (eyes rolling…wheew 😦 )!!! Well, anyway, I retired past 2 in the morning. That was such a crazy night and my stomach was so full that I easily fell asleep (naman..). When I woke up, It was 9 o’clock in the morning of January 1, 2009.

😀 😀 😀