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Cosmoloco August 15, 2008

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I’ve been a fervent Cosmopolitan Magazine reader since I had my first job in a hospital. Beside our office are doctors’ clinics. The tenant next to our suite happened to be a cosmo collector. She was a lady doctor who never missed a single issue of this fab mag. Since her secretary became one of my friends already, I had free access to her boss’s mags which they eventually put on display for their patients’ benefit while waiting for appointments. I was fascinated with its content for it all talks about us – GIRLS. From fashion trends, to dressing up, to love, life and sexy tidbits, and many other issues that every woman dies to know about. I really wanted then to have my own monthly copy but I couldn’t afford to splurge a hundred and twenty five bucks per issue because of my suuper tight budget. I thanked heavens for the free reading.


It was  December 2007 when I started collecting cosmo mag. I so love every page of it. It conveys a lot of lessons about love and relationship-handling. Cosmo gives views on career motivation, health issues, and even legal matters which significantly affect womanhood. Ways on how to become a fabulously-confident chick is one of the best articles I’ ve read too. If dressing up is a problem, cosmo could be your ”BFF mirror mirror on the wall”. Best beauty product suggestions, beauty tips, and even solutions to common skin dilemmas can also be found in this uber loaded magazine. Want to be aware about women’s health, diseases, precautions and preventions? Cosmo updates you too with their Cosmo Body column. Be tickled also with Cosmo Confessions as mailers expose their dirty-evil secrets and sizzling stories. Every page and article is filled with informative discussions and new lessons to discover. It’s just so addictive that I get so excited on every fresh monthly issue. I would say that it’s indeed every fun, fearless, fabulous Pinay must-have.

Cosmo means MAGnifico!!

Be cosmotized too.!!!

“Live big, go for it, be the best that you can be in every area of your life”

Cosmo Editorial Team