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The Chain Effect August 28, 2009

First, I saw it on Nicole Richie’s shoulder, then I just found myself one day carrying my own quilted chain bag. The chain reaction did not stop there and the relationship was ‘love at first sight’.  Every time I go to nearby thrift stores I would check the racks for such bags, haggle, and purchase them when I get interested. I really am a huge fan of vintage accessories these days, and I believe chain bags are one of the fab pieces in the previous decades.  Whenever I want to put a little oomph in my outfit, I would carry  a simple chain bag. It gives statement to any get up whether on casual dates, Saturday night outs, or on dressy-Sunday afternoons.

A recent member to my vintage bag collection is a chanel-like quilted chain bag in nude. I was wandering around Bankerohan one afternoon specifically looking for a black heeled-shoes, when I saw it hanging in a corner abandoned and unnoticed. The vendor offered it at 180 and was closed at 50. That was amazing!

One thing I like about this bag is the versatility it carries.  It is one of those basic accessories which could be matched with just anything.  Practicality wise, a perfect option for every recessionistas. In the Hollywood scene, the chain effect is also a huge fashion craze. The Hilstons, Olsens, Simpsons and many more were spotted in their Chanel classic chain bags ( the stars’ favorite).

For those who are in a tight budget and can only afford a Chanel bag in their daydreams, start your ukay hunting now. There, you can find lots of stylish chain bags in uber cheap deals. Don’t get stressed with the labels, but always bear this in mind instead: “Nasa pagdadala lang yan!” 😀

Paris in classic black Chanel bag

photo courtesy of pursepage.com