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Acid washed skirt: an ukay find September 10, 2009

Previously I did mention about acid washed denim fashion. Most specially the pair of jeans which look fiercer in rips and scratches. Aside from the good ‘ol acid washed jeans, vests, skirts and jumpers do exist too. In our recent ukay hunting with my sister, it surprised me a lot and yesย  I proved it myself that ukays have a lot of trendy apparels in store that only takes keen eyes to do the job.

And that day, what I got is a Morgan acid washed skirt. It still has tags in it and even the retail price. Ukays as these are phased out stocks from boutiques or stores according to them (ukay wholesalers, or can I call them experts? I need your opinion too). I was able to get this trendy fashion piece n times cheaper than brand new clones. Anyway, I’m not really a big fan of miniskirts, but here she is..

morganIt is available at my online store, so why not get it.?ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

morgan2In case no one would grab her, she’s mine :D. That is one of the advantages of owning a store. You can keep whatever you want up to your limits. ๐Ÿ˜€


Mood Booster! July 30, 2009

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I know, I’m too shallow with my happy-definition. A walk in SM with my Dots and a Miguelito ice cream treat or a banana split perhaps, already lifts my spirit up high. Window shopping, a unique pair of shoes, aย  kind appreciation from a boss, a worth-reading book/magazine column, an interesting movie, and a good meal are few of those what I callย  mood-boosters. Like today, I’m just thrilled to announce that I already found what I have been looking for in my previous blog. Taddan!!! A fringe bag. Yes, I found one already and it’s an ukay too. I’m so thrilled ๐Ÿ˜€ย  when I saw it online and I couldn’t resist its beauty for a quite thrift price. It somehow passed my fringe bag pre-requisites though:ย  its color (brown), material (suede leather), and of courses, the fringes (two layers and should be in front only).

The thing is, I still have to wait for days before officially clamining it “mine”. Tomorrow’s my schedule for Gcash payment and hopefully the item will arrive sometime next week. I’ll be posting photos too of this new found companion as soon as it’s within my grasp already. God! I can’t wait. ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks to http://lalahloove.multiply.com/photos/album/18/FRINGE_Reserved_to_haeldotcom#3 by the way..


Smoked Lungs September 16, 2008

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We’re all familiar with smoked tuna or bangus, right? It undergoes a cooking or preserving process known as smoking, where meat, fish, tuna or mackerel is exposed to the smoke of burning or smoldering plant materials, usually wood. Logically, the same way with cigarette smoking. If smoking in cooking preserves, smoking in humans has an adverse effect and that is to destroy. A smoked lungs/body will probably look like this.

Cigar, cigarette, tobacco, or pipe smoking is a practice of inhaling or tasting the smoke of  burned substances most commonly tobacco. Incomplete combustion produced by burning plant material produces carbon monoxide (CO). CO is an odorless, tasteless yet highly toxic gas, hence, smoking – a danger.

According to WHO smoking statistics, there are about one billion tobacco-smoking individuals today in the majority of all human societies. In the Philippines alone, 60% of the male population are smokers . A recent survey showed that majority of Filipino adult smokers cited tobacco advertisements as one of the influential factors for initiating smoking. As many as 40% of adolescent boys are smoking, in this case, majority started during their early teens. The worst is, most cigarette street-vendors, as you notice, are children.

In health, its is noted that about 20, 000 mortality cases in the country are of smoking-related diseases. Inhalation of carbon monoxide impairs the ability of blood to carry out oxygen, thus, causes numerous health abnormalities and diseases. Lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, impotency, and respiratory problems are just but few common problems attributed by smoking. In women, there is a link between cigarette smoking and cervical and breast cancers. Secondhand smokers are also at risk and can get as many diseases as firsthand smokers do.

Environment-wise, smoking pollutes air too. There are approximately 4, 000 chemicals in cigarettes which are breathed out and released in the atmosphere. This only indicates that numerous quantity of chemicals and pollutants are being released in the atmosphere every day. All of which are inhaled my many – our family, friends, and loved ones.


Now is your time to make a choice. It isn’t too late yet. Start today and have a healthy tomorrow. Click here if you care.:>>

Have a smoke-free day! ๐Ÿ˜€  images

Peace! v







Thanks to: http://wikipedia.com; http://cancer.org; http://who.org


Load Misfortune! August 26, 2008

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I am totally DISAPPOINTED with my GLOBE PREPAID ACCOUNT! I just loaded P20 last night on my prepaid number. Based on the sent messages statistics and as far as I can recall, I had just sent 5 local text messages. For heaven’s sake I got no textmates to waste some load and to make this incident unquestionable one! Out of the five messages, only one was for a non-globe number. I supposed to text a doctor this morning and to my surprise a “message sending failed” prompted on my cellphone screen. At first, I thought it was only a signal irregularity but when I checked my balance, It says I have P0.00 left on my prepaid account. Where in hell did the remaining P15 go then?

This isn’t  my first time experience of having just loaded and losing it entirely after 3 to 5 text messages. For this month alone, I think it’s already the fifth instance. I tried to dial 211, the Globe Customer Service hotline, but it was an unsuccessful attempt. So depressing to know that one can’t be able to contact a “customer service” hotline if he/she ran out of load (and in my case a nonsense loss). I was stuck on the idea that Globe will charge you nothing and you can call up anytime to their customer service hotline even though your balance is zero. Well, maybe it’s for free if and if you have an enough balance to make an outgoing call and there you go.

I chose Globe for its established image and name in the telecommunication industry. I am in the mode of saving so I opted to avail their Autoloadmax service. But if this gonna happen again, that would be the right time I guess to switch to other network. It’s just so unfair and disappointing…

I am seeking for an explanation now. I have dumb queries like:

  1. Does a promo advisory costs you even if you won’t reply or anything?
  2. Is there any charges when making a “missed call”?
  3. Are there any fees applied when calling 211 (Globe Customer Service)?
  4. Others. I need more info about my prepaid network.