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Box’s back again ! July 21, 2009

Filed under: online shopping — leah @ 6:57 am

My days been so busy since I opened my little online shop in multiply last February. The experience was overwhelming which left me no spare time to do some scribbling here in my “box”. Selling summer wears as my first merchandise kept me running to and fro – doing meet-ups, getting stocks from suppliers, taking pictures of the items, posting them on my site, and doing little strategic marketing schemes (ha3x). Good thing they worked :). The sales was generously good, especially it was summer when a lot of girls go crazy over beach essentials.  It felt tedious too at times since I had to have good balance between full time job and personal sidelines. But, the entire process was rewarding. Meeting new people whom I regard as clients was definitely outrageous. Plus, the feeling when they told me how delighted they were with the items revved me up. And oh, did I wrote sales? Yes, you read it right! Reaping extra moolah out of  personal initiative  made the whole thing incredibly fun.

Yup, my shop’s still alive until now.  It’s  dormant for a while because it needs a bigger capital, but I’m working on it though. Maybe, rather absolutely, I need to cut down my online shopping expenses. I gotta save, save and save.  🙂 As of today, I am posting some of my online buys – almost all of which are the result of my shopping impulsiveness. Auctioning them might help me earn few dimes. I hate to let go some of these treasures, but well, I have too. Anyway, interested parties might take a peek at my mini e-store at http://haeldotcom.multiply.com/ a.k.a the Dress Code.