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Mood Booster! July 30, 2009

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I know, I’m too shallow with my happy-definition. A walk in SM with my Dots and a Miguelito ice cream treat or a banana split perhaps, already lifts my spirit up high. Window shopping, a unique pair of shoes, a  kind appreciation from a boss, a worth-reading book/magazine column, an interesting movie, and a good meal are few of those what I call  mood-boosters. Like today, I’m just thrilled to announce that I already found what I have been looking for in my previous blog. Taddan!!! A fringe bag. Yes, I found one already and it’s an ukay too. I’m so thrilled 😀  when I saw it online and I couldn’t resist its beauty for a quite thrift price. It somehow passed my fringe bag pre-requisites though:  its color (brown), material (suede leather), and of courses, the fringes (two layers and should be in front only).

The thing is, I still have to wait for days before officially clamining it “mine”. Tomorrow’s my schedule for Gcash payment and hopefully the item will arrive sometime next week. I’ll be posting photos too of this new found companion as soon as it’s within my grasp already. God! I can’t wait. 😀

Thanks to http://lalahloove.multiply.com/photos/album/18/FRINGE_Reserved_to_haeldotcom#3 by the way..


welcome 2009! January 9, 2009

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It’s been a long long absence!! I’ve missed a post-Twilight movie post, my birthday post, and even the Holiday posts. The first two weeks of December was such a heck week for me. We hosted a very important activity in the department, and I was the one who took charge of the tasks that my partner left during her wedding vacation leave. I even became a medical secretary for a day in lieu of another sick colleague. These are some of the things that kept me on the go. I was also preoccupied with the holiday rush, the midnight sales, and the luscious food of my favorite season which explains my silence. (lol!! just kidding!) Anyway, I spent the other half of the month at home (I mean, the province). There I got busier helping mama’s little biz.

Christmas eve was such a great night. We shared our noche buena with my cousins and other neighboring relatives. Though the menu was limited to seafoods (grilled tuna belly and “buntot”) and some inato dishes and desserts, a videoke and a brandy plus loads of flavor-of-the-road-ice-cream, the dinner was overly fun!

I got my early new year surprise on the 3oth. It was when Paul suddenly came home unaanounced, with a kilo of California grapes and a “surprise” new year gift (haha, that was my favorite part). New Year’s eve was even more FUNtastic. We feasted on a whole large lechon, buko salad and other desserts shared to us by our kind-hearted neighbors. We also enjoyed the freshly picked mango fruits right from our own little homeyard. They were soooo sweeeet!!

I spent the remaining hours of 2008 watching tv and eating, while some of the boys had their “beer” session. We also had the traditionally practiced fruits offering. Thirteen (13) different kinds of round fruits, in which according to feng shui, symbolizes eternity and prosperity (who knows?!! :D). Everyone was busy when the clock ticked 12. Our town was filled with noisy firecrackers (it’s legal in our place), engines were turned on, text messages flooding in my inbox, pungent smell of firecracker powder, while I made myself so busy…eating!! (lols) It was that new year’s eve when I didn’t jump to the highest level (hahaha). I’ve got used to it, I felt tired, and still, I never gained a single inch for jumping for years (eyes rolling…wheew 😦 )!!! Well, anyway, I retired past 2 in the morning. That was such a crazy night and my stomach was so full that I easily fell asleep (naman..). When I woke up, It was 9 o’clock in the morning of January 1, 2009.

😀 😀 😀


Why September? (just "any" and "every" thing about). September 9, 2008

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Morning of September 1, 2008, I had this child-ish joy and excitement in me, when I heard “Christmas in Our Hearts” played on the radio. I was like a little kid looking upon  a Christmas stocking morning after morning believing that Santa do existed.  The cool, breezy weather, as an effect of typhoon in some parts of Luzon, or our office’s thermostat set to the coolest perhaps (just kidding), is so Yuletide. That’s how “ber” months excites me to start Christmas countdown this early.

Anyway, with September as the beginning of the ber months as they quoted,  I felt quite curios about just anything-under-the-sun stuff about this S month. With some realizations and a click or two, I was able to gather these things in random:

  1. September is the ninth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of four Gregorian months with 30 days. – We’ve learned this when we were in grade school.
  2. In Latin, septem means “seven” and septimus means “seventh”; September was in fact the seventh month of the Roman calendar until 153 BC.
  3. This one’s cool: September begins on the same day of the week as December every year, because there are 91 days separating September and December, which is a multiple of seven (the amount of days in the week). – I didn’t notice that before! Cool!
  4. September’s birthstone is the sapphire.
  5. September’s flower is the aster or morning glory.
  6. National Grand Parents’ Day falls in September. – Honor thy lolos and lolas.
  7. Coordinated attacks result in the collapse of the World Trade Center in New York City, destruction of the western portion of The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and an unplanned passenger airliner crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, which happened after airplane passengers fought back on the plane. In total, 2,974 people are killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks. – It was a dreadful event in our history.
  8. Summer in the US ends at the Labor Day weekend, the first Monday in September, hence, the fall falls.
  9. Some September songs:
  10. “September” by Earth Wind and Fire

    “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day

    “See You In September” by Shelley Fabares

    “When Summer is Gone” by Gary Lewis and the Playboys

    “September Songs” by Frank Sinatra

  11. School,
    Effort, and
    Trying your best
    Each hour of the day,
    Making new friends,
    Being good as you can
    Exciting discoveries,
    Reading books with a friend.”
    – Boni Fulgham
  12. Today is Wonderful Weirdos Day. – It’s time to acknowledge everyone’s weirdness, and strange and awkward quirks.
  13. September 6, 1959 was when Mattel’s Barbie goes on sale. – The world’s most popular doll was made known to our moms who were li’l girls on that date.
  14. Sept. 21, 1937: J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” Debuts. – I never knew that Tolkien’s tale is as old as that. Nice one!
  15. My Christmas countdown begins.
  16. It’s three months before Xmas.
  17. My work regularization will take place on the 12th.
  18. September is the 9th month of the year.
  19. A nine-letter word. – Whatever!
  20. First month of the year that has a ber suffix.
  21. The month before October Fest. – Kudos to beer companies!! Be ready to produce millions of cans and bottles and barrels.

I’d be happy to learn more. Hope you’ll drop by and add just anythin’ in my list.

Peace!! v


TGI Holidays!!! August 21, 2008

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‘Tis my last day of work for the week! I have four consecutive days to relax and chill out. You better update your planners too on the following dates:

  • August 22, Friday – holiday for Davaoeños in celebration of the annual Kadayawan Festival

FYI: This festivity is our people’s way of thanksgiving for thy land’s bountiful harvest of fruits and flowers. The festival reflects ethnicity and nativeness and showcases Davaoeños artistry in visual and literary arts as well.

  • August 23, Saturday – rest day
  • August 24, Sunday –  rest day again
  • August 25, Monday – another day off. Thanks to Jose Rizal, Bonifacio, Aguinaldo and the rest of the National Heroes!

I’m still in the process of drafting my holiday itinerary. But atop my list is TO OVERSLEEP (yawns). That’s the very thing I love during day offs – time-unconsciousness. I won’t be bothered waking up as early as 6:00 am to catch up my 8:00 am work schedule and mumble on sluggish PUJs (no offense). Next thing might be malling, window shopping, or inventory-taking as my beau puts it (lol). I love to go on midnight sales but I don’t have bucks for a shopping spree. Roaming around with Paul while eating cotton candy or  nibbling skittles will definitely make my day though. On Sunday will be the floral float parade, one of the highlights of the festival. It’s been years too since I haven’t watched the awesome floral parade. It’ll be aired on the local channel anyway so I’ll just stay indoor.


Davao’s pride, Durian, is already abundant in various streets of the city. Magsaysay Park and Anda Street have lots to offer aside from numerous durian vendors in sikad. Hanging out with friends at the so called Durian Paradise in F. Torres Street before hopping up at Torres’s gimik area is also an option. I shouldn’t miss this place coz I really love this thorny fruit. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be gaining pounds this weekend with these lazy activities (sighs) and durian marathons I bet.

Oh, I forgot to mention watching DVD (movies, concerts)at Paul’s, dropping at my sis’s house perhaps and doing my laundry finally on Sunday or Saturday. Spending me-myself-and-I moment is on my to-do-list also. That means, devoting some time on my bed with my headset on and a cosmo magazine at hand  that would end up to “dreaming” (zzzzzzzzz). What a day!!!

Sleep, eat-eat-eat, and stroll is my weekend and holiday definition. You should have yours too..


Tropicana Party August 15, 2008

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(I should’ve posted this a month ago.)

Last July 4, 2008, the Medical Org of Brokenshire held its Grand Alumni Homecoming and victory party for a successful Postgraduate Course . It was a gathering of doctors who have been part of the Brokenshire Family decades ago (part also of the hospital’s centennial celebration).  The party ala tropicana was successfully celebrated at the newly inaugurated Brokenshire Resort and Convention Center. Since we (Medical Training Staff, Medical Services Dept. Secretary, and Medical Secretaries) “partly” belong to the Medical Service Department (MSD), we were tasked to man the registration area and served as usherettes for that evening program. We perfectly enjoyed the island-inspired party highlighted with fire dancers and drum beaters plus a local band. The doctors also showcased their talents in singing and dancing. It was so amazing to see medical experts kicked-off their feet and put aside those stethoscopes to groove and sing the night away.

While they enjoyed the dance floor, we also treated ourselves with a sumptuous dinner. The menu included different seafood treats like sashemi, all sorts of barbecue, a roasted calf and my favorite tropical fruits. After a palatable dinner, we end the night with good and wacky poses. Here’s a glimpse…

lea As I strike a pose despite of the exhaustion brought by the Postgraduate Course intoxicating days.


They are my Brox friends…..



………..Same old faces…………

dr jack

a cool and hip Big Boss


that lady in white is glamorous!!!

dra uy

elvie’s boss looked so stunning that night..


mga nawong ug picture….waaaaaaaaaaaa…………


The party has ended. We parted our ways with smiles in our faces and with a trace of stress hardly noticed in our eyes.

.the end.


balotbox blogging kick-off

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I have been interested on blogging ever since it started to blow up. I attempted a lot of times but my sloth-like attitude was somehow prevalent (sighs!).  I have tons of reasons why I find it so hard to begin like time constraints and so much more. Also, I’m grammar-conscious which is why I have apprehensions in terms of paragraph composition. hehehe.. (I’m just afraid being humiliated!!). They said there’s no harm in trying so I took the challenge. What we aim here is “self-expression” and they’re right. And it doesn’t end there. Along the way are discoveries, acquaintances and did I mention fun?

Anyways, hope to post more, more, more.