"balot in a box"

a chick's metamorphosis!

Chicklet August 14, 2008

From a simple-laid-back girl to a fun-fearless-female, that’s how I metamorphed. Before, I was more afraid in expressing my opinions and be heard by many than to be listened to while blurting out ideas. From various inspirations, came to birth this blog of mostly personal encounters and interests. Such that are experiences I went through from a happy-go-lucky student to a more focused, goal-oriented, career chic đŸ˜€ . For the love of dressing up during the economic recession, I am sharing my unfathomable passion for ukay-ukay – my thrift fashion quests in different Davao ukay stores. I’m into the idea that being presentable and stylish need not to be expensive. One can be Kate Moss or the Olsens at her most practical way. For Recessionistas as they call it, pricey accessories and fashion pieces never matter but it’s how you carry the ensemble that definitely counts.

Moreover, personal views on books and movies I love, and online shopping activities (since I’m an online seller too) are in the categories. Foodies, good books, magazines and movies contribute adrenaline rush to me. Sounds exaggerated huh! But that is how I describe the feeling when it’s the first week of the month and time to grab a copy of the latest Cosmopolitan ish. Same thing happen every time I enter a bookstore or a restaurant (just soo crazyy!!) haha. That’s how crazy I am and if I would say a phrase or two about myself,  it would be – “a person who is insanely interested in so many things”. It’s an insanity that I myself is unable to measure. With this, emerges my never ending curiosity and  infinite discoveries. Each day, month and year, my metamorphosis continues of which the final phase is yet to bee seen. Life is a continuing process indeed and I am here for its manifestation.


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