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Another bag treasure September 4, 2009

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Yesterday afternoon was a bizarre ukay hunting day. It was never an intention to stop by at Agdao ukay-ukay station, but when I saw a lot of people swarming around a freshly opened ukay bundle, I easily changed my mind. Few scans from the racks of blouses and dresses and I felt unlucky because nothing caught my interest aside from their pricey deals. On the middle part of the ukay station, there I got frenzy with the bags hung all over the store. There are lots of vintage-looking bags in unique forms, color and sizes. But with just few seconds, I noticed myself eyeing on a white, quilted chain bag in the upper portion of the store. That moment was delightful and I never waited for another minute to ask the keeper how much it was and suddenly handed me the bag. The leather feel in it was beauatiful with a very clean lining (I’m not sure what its made of, but it wasn’t out of cloth). The price tag is very cheap for such classic bag so I got no reason to let it go. The bag’s label is Guy Laroche. I don’t want to assume authenticity but it looks so real and nice. Promise! I took her pictures already but I’ll be uploading them maybe some time this weekend. For now, just drool over with these Guy Laroche classics.




courtesy of http://www.fountoukis.gr


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