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Smoked Lungs September 16, 2008

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We’re all familiar with smoked tuna or bangus, right? It undergoes a cooking or preserving process known as smoking, where meat, fish, tuna or mackerel is exposed to the smoke of burning or smoldering plant materials, usually wood. Logically, the same way with cigarette smoking. If smoking in cooking preserves, smoking in humans has an adverse effect and that is to destroy. A smoked lungs/body will probably look like this.

Cigar, cigarette, tobacco, or pipe smoking is a practice of inhaling or tasting the smoke of  burned substances most commonly tobacco. Incomplete combustion produced by burning plant material produces carbon monoxide (CO). CO is an odorless, tasteless yet highly toxic gas, hence, smoking – a danger.

According to WHO smoking statistics, there are about one billion tobacco-smoking individuals today in the majority of all human societies. In the Philippines alone, 60% of the male population are smokers . A recent survey showed that majority of Filipino adult smokers cited tobacco advertisements as one of the influential factors for initiating smoking. As many as 40% of adolescent boys are smoking, in this case, majority started during their early teens. The worst is, most cigarette street-vendors, as you notice, are children.

In health, its is noted that about 20, 000 mortality cases in the country are of smoking-related diseases. Inhalation of carbon monoxide impairs the ability of blood to carry out oxygen, thus, causes numerous health abnormalities and diseases. Lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, impotency, and respiratory problems are just but few common problems attributed by smoking. In women, there is a link between cigarette smoking and cervical and breast cancers. Secondhand smokers are also at risk and can get as many diseases as firsthand smokers do.

Environment-wise, smoking pollutes air too. There are approximately 4, 000 chemicals in cigarettes which are breathed out and released in the atmosphere. This only indicates that numerous quantity of chemicals and pollutants are being released in the atmosphere every day. All of which are inhaled my many – our family, friends, and loved ones.


Now is your time to make a choice. It isn’t too late yet. Start today and have a healthy tomorrow. Click here if you care.:>>

Have a smoke-free day! šŸ˜€  images

Peace! v







Thanks to: http://wikipedia.com; http://cancer.org; http://who.org


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