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Load Misfortune! August 26, 2008

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I am totally DISAPPOINTED with my GLOBE PREPAID ACCOUNT! I just loaded P20 last night on my prepaid number. Based on the sent messages statistics and as far as I can recall, I had just sent 5 local text messages. For heaven’s sake I got no textmates to waste some load and to make this incident unquestionable one! Out of the five messages, only one was for a non-globe number. I supposed to text a doctor this morning and to my surprise a “message sending failed” prompted on my cellphone screen. At first, I thought it was only a signal irregularity but when I checked my balance, It says I have P0.00 left on my prepaid account. Where in hell did the remaining P15 go then?

This isn’t  my first time experience of having just loaded and losing it entirely after 3 to 5 text messages. For this month alone, I think it’s already the fifth instance. I tried to dial 211, the Globe Customer Service hotline, but it was an unsuccessful attempt. So depressing to know that one can’t be able to contact a “customer service” hotline if he/she ran out of load (and in my case a nonsense loss). I was stuck on the idea that Globe will charge you nothing and you can call up anytime to their customer service hotline even though your balance is zero. Well, maybe it’s for free if and if you have an enough balance to make an outgoing call and there you go.

I chose Globe for its established image and name in the telecommunication industry. I am in the mode of saving so I opted to avail their Autoloadmax service. But if this gonna happen again, that would be the right time I guess to switch to other network. It’s just so unfair and disappointing…

I am seeking for an explanation now. I have dumb queries like:

  1. Does a promo advisory costs you even if you won’t reply or anything?
  2. Is there any charges when making a “missed call”?
  3. Are there any fees applied when calling 211 (Globe Customer Service)?
  4. Others. I need more info about my prepaid network.



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