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TGI Holidays!!! August 21, 2008

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‘Tis my last day of work for the week! I have four consecutive days to relax and chill out. You better update your planners too on the following dates:

  • August 22, Friday – holiday for Davaoeños in celebration of the annual Kadayawan Festival

FYI: This festivity is our people’s way of thanksgiving for thy land’s bountiful harvest of fruits and flowers. The festival reflects ethnicity and nativeness and showcases Davaoeños artistry in visual and literary arts as well.

  • August 23, Saturday – rest day
  • August 24, Sunday –  rest day again
  • August 25, Monday – another day off. Thanks to Jose Rizal, Bonifacio, Aguinaldo and the rest of the National Heroes!

I’m still in the process of drafting my holiday itinerary. But atop my list is TO OVERSLEEP (yawns). That’s the very thing I love during day offs – time-unconsciousness. I won’t be bothered waking up as early as 6:00 am to catch up my 8:00 am work schedule and mumble on sluggish PUJs (no offense). Next thing might be malling, window shopping, or inventory-taking as my beau puts it (lol). I love to go on midnight sales but I don’t have bucks for a shopping spree. Roaming around with Paul while eating cotton candy or  nibbling skittles will definitely make my day though. On Sunday will be the floral float parade, one of the highlights of the festival. It’s been years too since I haven’t watched the awesome floral parade. It’ll be aired on the local channel anyway so I’ll just stay indoor.


Davao’s pride, Durian, is already abundant in various streets of the city. Magsaysay Park and Anda Street have lots to offer aside from numerous durian vendors in sikad. Hanging out with friends at the so called Durian Paradise in F. Torres Street before hopping up at Torres’s gimik area is also an option. I shouldn’t miss this place coz I really love this thorny fruit. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be gaining pounds this weekend with these lazy activities (sighs) and durian marathons I bet.

Oh, I forgot to mention watching DVD (movies, concerts)at Paul’s, dropping at my sis’s house perhaps and doing my laundry finally on Sunday or Saturday. Spending me-myself-and-I moment is on my to-do-list also. That means, devoting some time on my bed with my headset on and a cosmo magazine at hand  that would end up to “dreaming” (zzzzzzzzz). What a day!!!

Sleep, eat-eat-eat, and stroll is my weekend and holiday definition. You should have yours too..


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