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Tropicana Party August 15, 2008

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(I should’ve posted this a month ago.)

Last July 4, 2008, the Medical Org of Brokenshire held its Grand Alumni Homecoming and victory party for a successful Postgraduate Course . It was a gathering of doctors who have been part of the Brokenshire Family decades ago (part also of the hospital’s centennial celebration).  The party ala tropicana was successfully celebrated at the newly inaugurated Brokenshire Resort and Convention Center. Since we (Medical Training Staff, Medical Services Dept. Secretary, and Medical Secretaries) “partly” belong to the Medical Service Department (MSD), we were tasked to man the registration area and served as usherettes for that evening program. We perfectly enjoyed the island-inspired party highlighted with fire dancers and drum beaters plus a local band. The doctors also showcased their talents in singing and dancing. It was so amazing to see medical experts kicked-off their feet and put aside those stethoscopes to groove and sing the night away.

While they enjoyed the dance floor, we also treated ourselves with a sumptuous dinner. The menu included different seafood treats like sashemi, all sorts of barbecue, a roasted calf and my favorite tropical fruits. After a palatable dinner, we end the night with good and wacky poses. Here’s a glimpse…

lea As I strike a pose despite of the exhaustion brought by the Postgraduate Course intoxicating days.


They are my Brox friends…..



………..Same old faces…………

dr jack

a cool and hip Big Boss


that lady in white is glamorous!!!

dra uy

elvie’s boss looked so stunning that night..


mga nawong ug picture….waaaaaaaaaaaa…………


The party has ended. We parted our ways with smiles in our faces and with a trace of stress hardly noticed in our eyes.

.the end.


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