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Acid washed skirt: an ukay find September 10, 2009

Previously I did mention about acid washed denim fashion. Most specially the pair of jeans which look fiercer in rips and scratches. Aside from the good ‘ol acid washed jeans, vests, skirts and jumpers do exist too. In our recent ukay hunting with my sister, it surprised me a lot and yes  I proved it myself that ukays have a lot of trendy apparels in store that only takes keen eyes to do the job.

And that day, what I got is a Morgan acid washed skirt. It still has tags in it and even the retail price. Ukays as these are phased out stocks from boutiques or stores according to them (ukay wholesalers, or can I call them experts? I need your opinion too). I was able to get this trendy fashion piece n times cheaper than brand new clones. Anyway, I’m not really a big fan of miniskirts, but here she is..

morganIt is available at my online store, so why not get it.?  🙂

morgan2In case no one would grab her, she’s mine :D. That is one of the advantages of owning a store. You can keep whatever you want up to your limits. 😀


You gotta wear that perfume!

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Who would ever think that perfume bottles look good on fabrics?

Recently, I found these unique frocks designed with perfume bottle prints. They are in bold, vibrant colors and loud patterns. The forms were taken from the perfume bottles inspired from a woman’s body shape. It may take a whole lot of courage to wear such statement dresses, but I love it though. The patterns give an illusion of slimmer, elongated, shaped body aside from the vibrant colors that exudes glowing aura.

These designs came to life by Mary Katrantzou.



pb3I love it a lot..


Another bag treasure September 4, 2009

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Yesterday afternoon was a bizarre ukay hunting day. It was never an intention to stop by at Agdao ukay-ukay station, but when I saw a lot of people swarming around a freshly opened ukay bundle, I easily changed my mind. Few scans from the racks of blouses and dresses and I felt unlucky because nothing caught my interest aside from their pricey deals. On the middle part of the ukay station, there I got frenzy with the bags hung all over the store. There are lots of vintage-looking bags in unique forms, color and sizes. But with just few seconds, I noticed myself eyeing on a white, quilted chain bag in the upper portion of the store. That moment was delightful and I never waited for another minute to ask the keeper how much it was and suddenly handed me the bag. The leather feel in it was beauatiful with a very clean lining (I’m not sure what its made of, but it wasn’t out of cloth). The price tag is very cheap for such classic bag so I got no reason to let it go. The bag’s label is Guy Laroche. I don’t want to assume authenticity but it looks so real and nice. Promise! I took her pictures already but I’ll be uploading them maybe some time this weekend. For now, just drool over with these Guy Laroche classics.




courtesy of http://www.fountoukis.gr


Jeans Acidosis: the style of the 80’s September 3, 2009

From articles to photos online, celebrities wearing acid washed jeans and denim apparels are flooding. Acid washed has become the casual look of the moment. The ripped, faded skinnies are the stars favorite. From Miss Sixty to Balmain, ripped skinny styles rocked the fashion runways recently. The more ripped your skinnies are, the better. Famous stars were also spotted sporting distressed denims like Rihanna, Ashley Olsen, Nicky Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan.

This 80’s fashion has a dramatic comeback. Wearing them with studded high- heeled gladiators plus a fitted military inspired jacket definitely gives a statement. You can also wear them with your favorite casual tees, flat strappy sandals and pumps. For figure-conscious ladies who always care about their thighs and legs, this pair might not be perfect for you because the faded spots will highlight them even more. Opt for more subtle ripped skinnies with a stone washed style instead . If you are into a more dramatic and trendier look then the uber distressed one is the best for you.

Good news to those who are in a tight budget and hesitant to spend a lot for an acid washed, distressed leg pair, you can get yours via DIY (do it yourself, seriously). Start digging your closet now and do a little experiment to your old denim pairs. Splash a little amount of bleach/chlorine in them just enough to achieve the desired effect, grab a cheese grater and the rest will be history.

Love or hate it, this trendy fashion piece is a total head-turner. Bleached jackets, vests and shorts are also in, so why not try one now!




ripped denim jeans trend

Well, I guess I’m gonna make my DIY distressed denim this weekend. 😀 It’ll be a blast I bet!


The Chain Effect August 28, 2009

First, I saw it on Nicole Richie’s shoulder, then I just found myself one day carrying my own quilted chain bag. The chain reaction did not stop there and the relationship was ‘love at first sight’.  Every time I go to nearby thrift stores I would check the racks for such bags, haggle, and purchase them when I get interested. I really am a huge fan of vintage accessories these days, and I believe chain bags are one of the fab pieces in the previous decades.  Whenever I want to put a little oomph in my outfit, I would carry  a simple chain bag. It gives statement to any get up whether on casual dates, Saturday night outs, or on dressy-Sunday afternoons.

A recent member to my vintage bag collection is a chanel-like quilted chain bag in nude. I was wandering around Bankerohan one afternoon specifically looking for a black heeled-shoes, when I saw it hanging in a corner abandoned and unnoticed. The vendor offered it at 180 and was closed at 50. That was amazing!

One thing I like about this bag is the versatility it carries.  It is one of those basic accessories which could be matched with just anything.  Practicality wise, a perfect option for every recessionistas. In the Hollywood scene, the chain effect is also a huge fashion craze. The Hilstons, Olsens, Simpsons and many more were spotted in their Chanel classic chain bags ( the stars’ favorite).

For those who are in a tight budget and can only afford a Chanel bag in their daydreams, start your ukay hunting now. There, you can find lots of stylish chain bags in uber cheap deals. Don’t get stressed with the labels, but always bear this in mind instead: “Nasa pagdadala lang yan!” 😀

Paris in classic black Chanel bag

photo courtesy of pursepage.com



Mood Booster! July 30, 2009

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I know, I’m too shallow with my happy-definition. A walk in SM with my Dots and a Miguelito ice cream treat or a banana split perhaps, already lifts my spirit up high. Window shopping, a unique pair of shoes, a  kind appreciation from a boss, a worth-reading book/magazine column, an interesting movie, and a good meal are few of those what I call  mood-boosters. Like today, I’m just thrilled to announce that I already found what I have been looking for in my previous blog. Taddan!!! A fringe bag. Yes, I found one already and it’s an ukay too. I’m so thrilled 😀  when I saw it online and I couldn’t resist its beauty for a quite thrift price. It somehow passed my fringe bag pre-requisites though:  its color (brown), material (suede leather), and of courses, the fringes (two layers and should be in front only).

The thing is, I still have to wait for days before officially clamining it “mine”. Tomorrow’s my schedule for Gcash payment and hopefully the item will arrive sometime next week. I’ll be posting photos too of this new found companion as soon as it’s within my grasp already. God! I can’t wait. 😀

Thanks to http://lalahloove.multiply.com/photos/album/18/FRINGE_Reserved_to_haeldotcom#3 by the way..


bagaholic on the loose.. July 21, 2009

Lately, I have discovered my appreciation and passion for bags. It started out when I came across this multiply site who sells surplus yet branded bags from the US.  The store offers a wide variety of purses from classic to casual hobo chic in different sizes. The good thing is they come with cheap price tags. Items only ranges as low as P150 to P1000 depending on the bag’s physical condition and the brand. Some of the bags were already used slightly. But  if your lucky enough and be the first one to visit the shop after her download period, you could have bigger chances of owning a brand new one. Well, the process is just so simple: all you need to have is a keen eye and a swift clicking ability. (he3x) The shop keeper is also reliable and true to her clients. Items are delivered on time without so much hassle. She even gave me a freebie the first time I purchased from her shop. To date, I already had 4 bags from her and looking forward to her next product uploads sometime in August.

Aside from purchasing online, I also often shop bags at Ukay-ukay or thrift stores. Here you have a wide variety of choices at super low prices. You can haggle all you want too if you’re well-endowed with the power of bargaining. In our locality, Bankerohan has lots of ukay bag stores. There I bought my first quilted chain bag at P250 and another quilted one at unbelievably P40 only. Actually, I got two on that second quilted bag hunting and the vendor gave it to me for 80 pesos for both bags already. That was unimaginable! In amazement, I gave the other one to my bf’s sister since she was looking for a classic bag too at that time.

There are really times when ukay fairy’s too good to me. It’s either she’ll help me find a good and unique buy, or at times, she simply touches the ukay vendor’s heart to grant my haggling dramas for good. Like for instance at Diaz Mall when I found this very classic brown Furla handbag. I was really tempted for that Italian leather bag but the lady priced it at P250. I was in a tight budget and I did really convinced her to give it away at P150 only. Thanks to ukay fairy for the wish granted!!

Meanwhile, I’m getting attracted to fringe bags. It’s vintage-cowgirly look is to die for. I found one already at Victoria Plaza’s selected ukay store but it’s quite pricey for an ukay. But guess what?it labeled Prada though I’m not that sure if it’s real or fake. Bad thing I don’t have any idea to spot a real Prada from counterfeits. The bag was actually nice and classy and it’s exactly the same with Mary Kate Olsen’s. But I was totally taken aback when I found a replica in the internet. You can’t hardly see the difference since it was nicely copied. And that made me more skeptic. I would rather wear/use a cheap, not so branded yet original item than to spend a significant amount of money only to find out you’re not getting the real thing.

MK's fringe prada bagSo, to get the best deal is to raid the various thrift store in town and get the best deal without experiencing remorse.